What happened to Geek Xiu infringing Huawei?Details of Geek Repair Infringement Huawei

Recently, the official WeChat account of the Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau announced a crackdown on Huawei’s trademark infringement action (code-named “Youwei”) and closed the Internet, cracked a major O2O maintenance-style infringement case, and seized more than 120,000 counterfeit Huawei, Apple and other brand mobile phone accessories, worth 300 million yuan.

It is reported that the companies that were investigated and dealt with to carry out repair services for Electronic products such as mobile phones in the O2O mode were geek repairs that had previously been exposed as “shoddy”.

Earlier in July, domestic media reporters had undercover Geek Repair, exposing that behind the disassembly and installation of mobile phone repairs, low-cost assemblies and refurbished parts were replaced by customers in the name of “high quality” and “original quality”. During the maintenance process of mobile phones, engineers still have the behavior of “digging orders”, deliberately exaggerating the problem of parts and over-repairing, and the original parts that are still in good condition are sold to new customers in the name of “original parts” .

In fact, as early as April this year, Huawei had already reported similar issues to the Supervision Bureau. For this reason, the Market Supervision Bureau jointly launched the first “promising action” with the public security department on April 10, and successfully destroyed 5 counterfeit dens for manufacturing counterfeit brand mobile phones. , seized more than 600 counterfeit Huawei brand mobile phone products and a large number of semi-finished products, spare parts and counterfeiting tools, with a value of nearly one million yuan.

Afterwards, the relevant departments found out that Geekxiu, a mobile phone repair chain company headquartered in Chongqing, used the Internet platform to carry out repair services for mobile phones and other electronic products in an O2O mode (online ordering, offline store maintenance). Its business involves many well-known brands such as Huawei, but it has been confirmed by Huawei that the Huawei-branded accessories it uses are all infringing products. The case involved more than 70 maintenance points in 37 cities in 10 provinces and cities across the country.

After collecting evidence, on September 4, 28 action groups in more than 10 provinces and cities including Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Wuhan acted simultaneously, inspected 27 target points, and seized 120,000 fake Huawei, Apple and other brand mobile phone accessories More than 31 people were detained. Among them, Shenzhen inspected 10 target points, seized more than 102,000 counterfeit mobile phone accessories, detained 8 people and chased 1 person away. Shenzhen also sent an action team to Chongqing to cooperate with the local network, inspect the “Geek Repair” headquarters on site, and retrieve the company’s back-end financial and operational data. According to preliminary calculations, the total amount involved since 2017 has reached 300 million yuan.

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