The price of “Fitness Ring Adventure” has soared and the home fitness industry is welcoming spring?

China Business Daily/China Business Network (Reporter Jie Yuxing) Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the offline real economy has encountered severe tests, but the home fitness equipment market has unexpectedly ushered in spring. It is reported that the price of the home fitness game “Ring Fitness Adventure” produced by the Japanese game company Nintendo has soared recently, or even tripled. At the same time, home fitness equipment represented by treadmills also experienced a small sales peak. According to experts’ predictions, home fitness equipment is developing in a fun and interactive direction, and the market may usher in a period of rapid growth.

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“Ring Fitness Adventure” sells well

It is reported that “Ring Fitness Adventure” is a family fitness game launched by Nintendo. The product is used with a fitness ring, and users can perform somatosensory operations on the TV screen to achieve the purpose of fitness. On February 16, data released by Taobao platform showed that the price of “Fitness Ring Adventure” has tripled compared to last year’s 550 yuan. The current price is around 1,700 yuan, and its price on the Jingdong platform is approaching. 2,000 yuan, dubbed by netizens as “the most worthy investment and wealth management product in 2020”.

In fact, as early as December last year, Nintendo issued a statement apologizing for the out-of-stock “Ring Fit Adventure”. It is understood that in November last year, the price of the product was already around 700 yuan, and even pirated accessories with a price of 300 yuan appeared in our country.

After experiencing this game, fitness enthusiast Zhang Bo told a reporter from China Business Daily that it is not easy to maintain self-discipline and conscious fitness in the gym, and the fun and interactivity of fitness games make “otaku” like him also fall in love with him exercise.

It is understood that this game adopts turn-based combat, and the game time of 10 to 20 minutes per round allows players to experience instant incentives. The plot of “the protagonist travels to the magical world” enhances the player’s visual and auditory experience. In addition, the efficiency of “skill release” and “gold coin collection” is closely related to whether the movement range and frequency meet the standards, allowing players to exercise consciously.

According to Nintendo, players can use fitness rings and leg straps that recognize lower body movements to realize the adventure of the game’s protagonist. Among them, the fitness ring with the functions of “squeeze”, “push and pull” and “move” is more like an upper limb training device, which can realize the direction control and attack of the game character, and can detect the user’s “leg lift amplitude” and “running frequency”. The leg strap is the lower limb movement monitor that determines the speed of the game character.

It is understood that on my country’s e-commerce platform, the average monthly sales of “Ring Fitness Adventure” in video game merchants once reached more than 2,000, while searching for “Ring Fitness Adventure” on the Bilibili video website, related evaluation videos It has reached more than 300.

Growth in home fitness equipment sales

In fact, not only are home fitness games such as “Fitness Ring Adventure” selling hot, but also home fitness equipment has seen a rise in sales, stimulated by the “home economy”.

Taking Xiaoqiao treadmill as an example, Xiaoqiao founder Pan Zhongjian said that the sales of Xiaoqiao treadmill had increased significantly before the Spring Festival this year. Previously, they had stockpiled tens of thousands of treadmills and spinning bikes, which were supposed to be ready for sales in February this year, but they were all sold out during the Spring Festival.

Coincidentally, the spinning bikes prepared by the sports technology company Keep before the Spring Festival were also sold out during the Spring Festival, and the sales of its lightweight home fitness products such as yoga mats have also been on the rise. Keep staff told a reporter from China Business Daily that after the logistics companies resumed work one after another on February 10 this year, the company is stepping up to send these products to users as soon as possible.

It is undeniable that in recent years, the sales of fitness equipment have shown an upward trend year by year. According to the “2019 China Fitness Equipment Industry Research and Development Report” released by iiMedia Research, with the support of national policies, the number of people participating in physical exercise is expected to reach 440 million this year. my country’s fitness equipment consumption market is expected to further expand, it is expected that this year’s fitness equipment sales will reach 47 billion yuan.

Wang Huaiyuan, an investor in the fitness industry, told a reporter from China Business Daily that during the epidemic, offline gyms were mostly closed. In this case, the home scene will become an important scene for the use of fitness equipment, and more and more people will choose to exercise at home .

Interesting and interactive products are favored

Wang Huaiyuan believes that interesting and interactive home fitness products will be more popular, which can be seen from the success of “Fitness Ring Adventure”. Compared with other fitness game products, the game plot design, game time setting, and game reward link design are very interesting. For newcomers to fitness, after completing resistance training with barbells and dumbbells in the gym, apart from muscle soreness and swelling, they may not be able to get other stimulation in the short term. Game products such as “Fitness Ring Adventure” can allow multiple people to participate in it, enhance the interactivity and social attributes of the product, and provide more social opportunities for “nerd men” and “nerd women”. These are all home fitness equipment. Lessons to learn from success.

In fact, many fitness brands are trying to shift in the direction of fun and interactivity. At present, some fitness products in my country have combined hardware and content, adding interesting links. For example, Moby Sports, which completed a $10 million financing in October last year, encourages fitness people to use rowing machines by combining it with online competitions. The Xiaoqiao treadmill and the Keep treadmill are also trying to add more interesting competition content.

In addition, brands such as SPAX are mainly trying to improve the interactivity of their products. It is reported that the brand provides screen-based fitness interactive content for fitness equipment, and the main partners are fitness hardware such as treadmills, spinning bikes, elliptical machines and rowing machines. It is understood that at present, SPAX has eight live coaches teaching online, and the total number of live broadcast lessons per day is eight. On the left side of the screen, the user’s running data rankings can be displayed. After connecting to the treadmill, the user’s various sports monitoring data can also be displayed and fed back to the coach to form online interaction. Mu Yikun, founder and CEO of SPAX Fitness Live, said that the advantage of SPAX lies in interactive live broadcast, and it can form a deeper interaction with users through hardware and wearable devices.

In Wang Huaiyuan’s view, in terms of cultivating fitness users and tapping market potential, such interesting and interactive products will be more popular, and the home fitness market will usher in a spring in the future.

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