Power devices and passive components light up the 97th China Electronics Fair, CEF will meet again in Chengdu and Shanghai in the second half of the year

On April 11, 2021, the three-day 97th China Electronics Fair ended successfully at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition was held at the same time as the 9th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2021). There were over 1,500 exhibitors on site. Nearly 10,000 new products and new technologies will Display the latest development achievements of my country’s electronic information industry in an all-round and multi-angle manner. At the same time, nearly 100 concurrent events were held during the expo, attracting more than 100,000 professional visitors and more than 5 million visitors online. According to the organizer, the theme of the exhibition is “innovation drives high-quality development”, and the three major sections of exhibition display, forum meeting and on-site activities are linked together, and the trinity is full of highlights.

Highlight 1 Exhibition: Showcasing the latest products

Power devices and passive components light up the 97th China Electronics Fair, CEF will meet again in Chengdu and Shanghai in the second half of the year

Hall 9-Basic Electronics Hall, has always been called the “most quiet” and “smart” exhibition area, where a large number of high-precision components, materials, equipment, instruments, special electronic products and technologies compete on the same stage. , attracted a large number of manufacturers such as Guangdong Kexin Electronics, Guangzhou Feihong semiconductor, Shenai Semiconductor, Dongguan Tongke Electronics, Tongmao Electronics, Sichuan Yongxing, Hunan Xiangyi, Kedajia Electronics, Huashengchang, and Diankesiyi. participate actively.

At present, semiconductor materials have developed to the third generation, and the application fields of power devices are increasing day by day. As one of the basic components of electronic products, power devices are widely used in automobiles, communications, consumer electronics and industrial fields in the process of industrial electronic upgrading. , is the key product displayed in Hall 9 in this exhibition. Driven by the needs of emerging markets such as new infrastructure, domestic power devices have further increased the demand for devices such as MOSFETs and IGBT modules.

Power devices and passive components light up the 97th China Electronics Fair, CEF will meet again in Chengdu and Shanghai in the second half of the year

Guangzhou Feihong Semiconductor and Shenai Semiconductor both displayed MOSFET and IGBT related products. Among them, IGBT is the key research and development product of Shenai Semiconductor, which is mainly used in the fields of electromagnetic heating and frequency conversion. Currently, Shenai focuses on gallium nitride and IGBT power devices. Industrial and automotive grade products. In addition to IGBTs and MOSFETs, this exhibition also displayed many domestic discrete semiconductor devices for switches or rectifiers, such as diodes, triodes, and thyristors displayed by Guangdong Kexin Electronics and Dongguan Tongke Electronics.

In addition to power devices, passive components are also indispensable basic components in electronic products. In the field of resistance-capacitance sense, which has attracted much attention, the leaders of domestic passive devices mainly include resistors from Sichuan Yongxing Electronics, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum electrolytic capacitors from Hunan Xiangyi Zhongyuan Technology, and Kedajia Electronics. The main inductance products, their new technologies, new processes and new product R & D appearances have attracted wide attention from all walks of life, and people come to consult, visit and negotiate business in an endless stream.

Test and measurement manufacturers are also one of the highlights of this exhibition. As an exhibitor representative, Keysight displayed the company’s latest IoT-related test solutions and products at the exhibition site. In recent years, a large number of excellent domestic electronic test and measurement instrument manufacturers have emerged, such as Shenzhen Huashengchang Technology, Diankesi Instrument, etc. at this exhibition, among which Diankesi Instrument’s test instrument products have reached the world’s leading level. It is widely used in satellite, communication, navigation, radar, scientific research, education and other fields, and has provided instruments for many national key construction projects such as the “Shenzhou” manned spaceflight project and the optical fiber communication trunk line project. important contribution to the development of the industry.

Power devices and passive components light up the 97th China Electronics Fair, CEF will meet again in Chengdu and Shanghai in the second half of the year

It is worth mentioning that the special components exhibition area set up in this exhibition brings together nearly 200 suppliers of special electronic components, and the number of exhibitors has reached a record high, presenting a new “potential energy” of the national special electronic components industry. picture”. These enterprises have long served my country’s national defense technology industry and high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and are the country’s key engineering supporting core backbone enterprises. Among them: the main force of the national team: Zhenhua Group under China Electronics, research institutes under China Electric Power Group, institutes under Aerospace Science and Technology Group, institutes under Aerospace Science and Industry Group, enterprises under Aviation Industry Group, ships, weapons Representatives of Shaanxi Electronic Information Group, Huanyu Group and other groups; representatives of national high-tech enterprises or listed companies: Beijing Xinleineng, Shenzhen Zhenxin Technology, Shenzhen Bomin Electronics, Sichuang Electronics, etc.; there are top 100 connectors Enterprises: AVIC Optoelectronics, Guizhou Aerospace Electric, Sichuan Huafeng, Shenyang Xinghua Aviation, etc.; capacitor experts: Fujian Torch Electronics, Beijing Yuanliuhongyuan, Chengdu Hongming, Chengdu Hongke, etc., as well as many high-end integrated circuit companies, etc.; All companies brought their own top-notch international products to the exhibition to demonstrate their technical capabilities and applications of independent innovation of special electronic components and products.

Highlight 2 Forum: Focus on hot topics

During the 3-day exhibition, China Electronics Fair also specially held the “CEF First China Basic Electronic Components Industry Summit”, “2021 Spring National Special Electronic Components Exhibition and the 3rd Special Electronic Components Independent Innovation and Development Forum” ” and many other theme forums, the forum invited Dong Yunting, director of the Expert Committee of China Electronic Information Industry Federation, Wen Xiaojun, director of CCID Think Tank Electronic Information Research Institute, Zhou Qiang, general manager of FATRI’s high-end chip business department, and the founder of Qingdao Hisense Broadband Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. Experts, scholars and business representatives such as Huang Weiping, Vice President of Electronic Components Application and Supply Chain Branch of China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce and other experts, scholars and business representatives discussed the new trends and opportunities of the basic components industry under the blueprint of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Power devices and passive components light up the 97th China Electronics Fair, CEF will meet again in Chengdu and Shanghai in the second half of the year

The aviation equipment component application verification and selection technology forum held by the Aviation Equipment Component Management and Application Verification Center and China Aviation Comprehensive Technology Research Institute (Rongrong Ecosystem) is also one of the most popular sub-forums in this exhibition. This conference is an important step to promote the domestic integration of aviation equipment components, raise the banner of independent innovation of aviation equipment components, and serve and support major national strategies.

As the most authoritative display platform for the whole industry chain of electronic components, China Electronics Fair promotes independent innovation of China’s electronics industry with leading basic electronic technology, grows together with China’s electronics industry, connects all parties, and is committed to building openness, cooperation and win-win Ecology, promote the continuous innovation of the electronics industry. It is reported that China Electronics Fair (CEF), which is known as the vane of the electronics industry, will be held in Chengdu in July and Shanghai in November. We look forward to meeting you again!

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