Atlas Copco expands its vacuum solutions

Atlas Copco has launched an innovative and intelligent oil-lubricated screw vacuum pump GHS VSD+ series, which incorporates Atlas Copco’s leading VSD variable speed drive technology, taking vacuum pump design to a new level.

Thanks to the well-known plug-and-play design principle of Atlas Copco compressors, the GHS VSD+ vacuum pump is not only durable, but also easily achieves optimum performance in the operating pressure range required by the customer, suitable for plastic, Glass, bottle, can, wood, packaging, printing, paper, meat packaging, central vacuum system, factory central vacuum system and other applications.

Atlas-Copco GHS VSD+ series oil lubricated screw vacuum pump

Using state-of-the-art screw technology, VSD variable speed drive technology and an innovatively designed motor, the efficiency of the GHS VSD+ is greatly increased, resulting in energy savings of approximately 50% while significantly reducing life cycle costs. The super oil retention capability greatly optimizes the quality of exhaust emissions, reduces the impact on the environment, and at the same time avoids the fuel injection phenomenon that often occurs in conventional oil pumps.

The GHS VSD+ has extremely low noise levels, only about half that of other vacuum technologies. The compact design packs all components into one neat enclosure, making it one of the smallest footprint units on the market, while allowing easier maintenance.

In addition to the newly released GHS VSD+ series, Atlas – Copco currently offers a range of vacuum solutions including: GVD 0.7-28 small oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump, GVD 40-275 double-click oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump , ZRS 250-4200 mechanical booster pump and GLS 250-500 spool valve pump, etc., can meet the specific needs of customers in different industries for vacuum, and are suitable for various common vacuum applications.

“Based on more than 60 years of accumulation in screw technology research and development, Atlas Copco is one of the first companies in the world to apply high-efficiency and high-reliability screw compression technology to vacuum pump applications.” Atlas – Popular Science “The new GHS VSD+ series represents a huge leap forward in vacuum technology and delivers on our commitment to innovation and ‘commitment to sustainable productivity,’” said Yang Yi, Business Director of Ke Industrial’s Vacuum Division.

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Atlas – Copco is the world’s leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. The company provides customers with innovative compressors, vacuum solutions and air handling systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. Atlas – Copco focuses on developing products and services that are productive, energy efficient, safe and ergonomic. Founded in 1873, the company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with operations in more than 180 countries and regions around the world. In 2014, Atlas Copco had revenues of SEK 94 billion (EUR 10.3 billion) and more than 44,000 employees. To learn more, visit

The Compressor Technology business area provides industrial compressors, vacuum solutions, gas and process compressors, expanders, air and gas handling equipment and air management systems. With a global network of services, this business area is always committed to providing innovative solutions for sustainable productivity in the manufacturing, oil and gas industries and process industries. Its main product development and manufacturing centers are located in Belgium, Germany, the United States, China and India.

The Industrial Vacuum Division is part of the Atlas-Copco Compressor Technology business area and is headquartered in Crawley, UK. Develops, manufactures and markets vacuum pumps, control systems, valves and related service products under the Edwards and Atlas – Copco brands. The main markets it serves include: semiconductors, flat panel displays, solar, scientific research and utility vacuums. This business unit is focused and committed to further improving productivity for its customers.

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